I've recently completed a show in the Downtown Dallas area that was Set-up, Organized and Promoted by Afton LLC. As a new musician to the Dallas Area I found that the lines of communication with Afton via email built a strong sense of trust and security. I say trust because, Afton serves as the middle man. Working with Afton was the first and most positive connection I've made toward my performance networking. Being introduced to Afton via Reverbnation Social Music Media was also a plus because It helped me understand Not all internet entities were out just to get my money. Afton also promoted performance campaigns on prominent social media sites that truly boosted My visibility to NEW FANS. Afton provided legal documentation for all aspects of my performance and allowed for questions and suggestions. On The Date of the Show Afton's Show Manager did a great job in communicating what was expected as well as adhering to requests of all the performers that related to setup, performance time and even small adjustments thereto. I truly appreciate the work put forth by Afton LLC. Sincerely, **** *  ****** . a.k.a. Mr. Majestic