Here is an honest review, Pros and Cons of Afton. Pros: 1) They are filling the void of managers who book bands for shows (the majority of bands out there are not represented and try to book shows themselves). 2) They are not charging bands for this service and generally try to book them into good venues. 3) My Afton Agent in Denver, **** *****, has been responsive and supportive of the band's needs and requests. Cons: 1) They will pack a show with as many bands as they can, give them a 30 min time-slot and require a minimum of 20 – 25 tickets sold per band. I can understand the point behind this (they need to recoup the $ spent on renting the venue and paying the sound-guy and employees), but perhaps another method can be devised that the venue can contribute towards (alcohol sales and sponsorships can help towards costs). 2) Bands get about 10 – 20% of the door and the rest goes to Afton. Many local venues expect bands to play for free, so I guess they get something for their effort. But it could still be better.