We are a Hip Hop group in Dallas, TX and we have recently performed for our fans via Afton Show booking. We had an excellent experience and are ready to book the next show with them. We had no problem with the sounds, lights, or set up. We were even able to switch out 1 of our tracks at the last minute. Our fans were able to purchase tickets online prior to the date of the show and some were able to use the discount promo code provided to us for our fans. The fans that could not buy their tickets online were able to purchase them at the door and we still got credit for them. The other artists that performed complimented our style as well so we were able to network and meet artists of the same caliber. We even gained a few more fans through this setup. Thank you for providing this opportunity and I hope to book and promote more with them in the future as well as network with other artists. Thanks Afton!!!