Alright so as an artist, it has always been a dream to be able to perform live in front of an audience and affect people with my music and **** ***** from Afton made that possible. It was quite a surprise to me when **** found my music online and it was a even bigger surprise when I was asked to perform. As a new producer, I did all the research I could on Afton, and only found good things. I can confidently say I am happy to work with **** ***** and Afton. They have made a new experience so easy and they really make sure that the customer understands how things work with the company. They have been nothing but nice to me, and have given me new opportunities as a musician. Afton provides very detailed instructions on how to be successful, what to bring, and where to be, at any time. They are very good about reaching out and keeping contact with their customers. I am very thankful for such a functional booking service.