Originally I thought it was too good to be true but Afton follows through on everything that they promise the artist. Full of information on how to better promote and excel in the realm of live music, their reps are very responsive to emails and seem like they truly care about helping artists. Because it is still a business, I think any negative reviews from artists are based on illegitimate feelings towards the amount (or rather, lack there of) of people they weren't able to draw to their performance, which contractually voids their set. To me, this helped filter out artists who didn't have much sweat in the game and didn't promote to the level of the artists that were able to draw crowds. Ultimately, every artist and band is able to feed off each other's crowds and if you didn't bring one you didn't get to perform. Still playing nice and being fair to the artists, though, Afton does provide the opportunity to reschedule to a different date and venue rather than just cancel your set altogether.