Right now, Afton is doing so much to set up opportunities for me as I work too large a work schedule to do it myself. I am grateful that they are so willing to help expose my talents in person, and I hope to keep getting more chances in the months to come. My rep, however, could be a little more responsive to my emails. On average, when I send one to her, a response won't be given till around 3 or so days later. Also, some of the emails seem sorta artificial, as if they are set up as a default to send any of their artists depending on what is being discussed between the artist and the rep at those times. This is fine except it feels like these same messages are used at times when their personal opinion should be there. Like, I received an email from her today where in the subject line, it says, "great job on your last show!" and doesn't really detail what they mean. Is it because of selling the right amount of tickets? Or because I actually played a great show? It's not a big deal, but as an artist whom which my rep helps get out there, some kind of genuine feedback would be nice to let me know anything I may or may not need to work on for future opportunities. And no one likes to feel like their "business partner", so to speak, is a robot. Yet, I do not know how the entire booking process works for these events, so nevertheless, I had a great time at my last gig w/ them and I'm looking forward to my next one.