I've been booking with Afton for over a year and I can say that I do enjoy booking with them. I'm a young, talented up and coming artist and musician. Starting out, it's hard trying to get booked for shows on your own and getting venues to let you perform, but Afton honestly gives younger or older independent artist a chance to perform and sell tickets to fans, family & acquaintances while making money for doing it. The only thing I'm not really feeling is the fact that for every ticket we sell, they get 79% or more of the money. For example, if tickets are $11 for every ticket we sell, we get $2 out of that $11.. Which is kind of lower than I or anybody else would prefer, but I guess it is somewhat fair in the long run.. Because if you think about it, there are 1,000's of other up and coming/ independent artist tying to get there name out there and nobody really knows who your are yet and venues would much rather book bigger/known artist. The only way big or small venues will let you perform is if you're willing to perform for free or if you can draw in a huge amount of fans in and you still might get payed little to nothing. If you can't sell tickets and show that you have somewhat of a fanbase then how do you expect to make money off your performances anyways? If you're looking for a place where you don't have deal with the hassle of selling tickets then Afton might not be the place for you. I'd try an open mic or something else. I personally like that challenge of having to sell a certain amount of tickets. For others I guess it's which ever way one chooses to look at it but speaking for myself, I do enjoy booking with Afton and I'd recommend Afton to any young up and coming artist.