Afton has booked over 60,000 local acts (consisting of roughly 185,000 individual band/group members), on over 9,500 live events since we started in 2004. We produce concerts in 40 cities nationwide, and have worked with over 200 partner venues.

Currently we have 96% satisfaction rate. Thousands upon thousands of happy artists can attest to that fact, you can see emails that our artists have sent us regarding their feedback at In addition, we’re proud to say that when given the opportunity to rebook with us, over 90% of artists on a previous show accept our next offer.

The Better Business Bureau has also awarded us with a very high rating. We have hundreds verified customer reviews as well on our official B.B.B. page: Afton LLC B.B.B

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No company that works with tens of thousands of people annually can possibly achieve 100% satisfaction. However, we will always be 100% up front with you and make sure you have every possible show/booking detail in writing. This way you can preemptively decide if our shows will fit your needs. We will always abide by our side of the written agreement, and we will always do what we say we will do. Afton is a company of integrity and honesty that has been built by people who work hard to give you the best booking experience possible.


“Convenient & simple.”
“Great Venues.”
“Their persistence and flexibility.”
“Timely and open communication.”
“Easy & Reliable.”
“Chance to play great venues.”
“The user friendly online platform.”

“Professional tools & online platform.”
“The ease of communication”
“Very professional and organized.”
“Process is easier than any other booking I’ve done.”
“The consistency of show dates.”
“It’s free and they help me with promo.”
“The process is streamlined with lots of explanation.”