Artist Referral Program

We want you to play alongside artists that you like, know, and enjoy playing with. It is our goal to make every show you play as much of a “custom” lineup experience as we can. You also get paid for referring artists who are a good fit for MyAfton shows. Our artist referral system is win-win, and we encourage you to help us make the best shows for you and your fans.



You get paid $1.00 for every fan the act you refer draws to their 1st show with MyAfton, as long as they draw at least 10+ fans. This referral payment will be sent to you via email by E-check after they play their 1st show, usually within 7-10 days.



In order for us to book the artists you like to play with, they must first submit their Booking Profile at ( After they submit, we can offer them show dates every month and confirm them on the shows you play. Make sure you refer artists with as much notice as you can. This is important. We need to have enough time to get their Booking Profile submitted, reviewed, and get them onto the show before it is full. If a show fills before artists you refer finish this first step, they will have to wait until the next show.



  • If an act has already signed up or been referred by someone else, you don’t get credit for them.
  • Our system will only know an artist was referred by you if you enter their email address into the refer artists box in your MyAfton account, or if they first sign up using your unique referral page URL.
  • If you tell an act about us, but they directly contact us or sign up at without using your referral link, then you don’t get credit for them.
  • The referral payment to you is only for fans that pay to see the artist you referred on their 1st show with MyAfton. Fans who are credited to other artists performing obviously don’t count toward your referral payment.
  • If an artist you refer plays more than one MyAfton show, you will not receive a referral payment for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. shows.
  • The artist you refer must draw at least 10 or more fans for the referral payment to be sent.