I’m a “Member” Permissions User, How do I get “Admin” Permissions?

Only a member of your Artist Profile with "ADMIN" user permissions can add members, delete members, or give higher or lower permissions access to existing members. So if you have limited "Member" user permissions right now and you want to be an "Admin" on your account, here's how to get that done:

1. First, you need to talk to a member of your group who has "Admin" permissions.

2. To see who that is, login to your MyAfton.com account and select the Artist Profile in the upper right hand corner of the screen for the act you need. Then click that to load that Artist Profile's home screen.

3. Now click the MEMBERS link. Here you can see which members are a part of this Artist Profile and their permission levels.

4. Now you know who to talk to in your group! Ask one of your Admins to go into their account to this same screen and click EDIT next to your name. Then they can change you from Member to Admin level.

After that, you as Admin can confirm shows, complete the E-Contract for shows you are booked for, and much more. We do this so that your group can control which members can (or cannot) perform these higher level actions.

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