From Rock to Rap we book all kinds of music.

Who We Book

What Genres Does Afton Book?

Afton books almost every genre of music. However, if you’re an extremely obscure or uncommon genre we may not have an entire night filled of your type of music. The main types of genres that we book are listed below.

Full Bands

We book almost every type of band including but not limited to: Rock, Indie, Alternative, Folk, Pop, Ska, Punk Rock, Emo, Piano Indie/Rock, Pop Punk, Acoustic, Classic Rock, Powerpop, Southern Rock, Progressive, Reggae, Jam Band, Psychedelic, Punk Rock, Funk, Blues, Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Country Rock, Post Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock, Post Hardcore, Screamo, Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, Death Metal, etc.

Urban/Hip Hop Performers

We book almost all types of Urban and Hip Hop artists including but not limited to: Hip Hop, Rap, Urban, Christian Rap, Indie/Alternative Hip Hop, full band hip hop artists, etc.

Electronic/DJ Acts

We book Electronic/DJ type artists including but not limited to: dubstep, house, techno, drum & bass, electronica, ambient, break, downtempo, trance, and standard DJ artists. We are getting more and more into this genre and we now have late night shows dedicated to this type of music.

Acoustic Acts

We book acoustic based acts. Both solo acoustic artists and duo/trio/full acoustic groups. The only acoustic grouping we don’t book as much of would be flamenco, classical, or Latin acoustic music.

R&B/Pop/Soul Acts

We book most types of R&B/Pop/Soul acts including but not limited to: R&B, Pop/Club, Soul, and some Gospel.

Solo Performers

We book solo performers as well as full bands, and we even book solo acts that perform to backtracks. Our shows are solo performer friendly.

Genres We Do Not Normally Book

These are genres that we normally do not book. You are welcome to submit a Booking Profile if you fall into one of these categories. We just cannot promise that we’ll have a show of performers of the following genres: Latin, Traditional Spanish, Fast/Hardcore Old School Punk, African/World Music, Traditional Celtic, Children’s music, Big 10+ member Swing Bands, music from the 1920’s – 1950’s, Show Tunes, Classical Piano, Orchestra, straight up Jazz, straight up Tropical music, Karaoke, Elvis impersonator’s, Acapella, etc.

Special Format Artists & Events

Religious & Spiritual Acts

We frequently book Christian and other religious artists on our shows and have done so since our company started. But, we do not book shows where 100% of the acts on the show are all Christian acts or all of one certain religion. We book a fair mix of Christian and religious acts alongside secular artists, and we are always open to booking any act of any religion. We do not book shows at churches, nor do we book religious or Christian festivals. Most of the music venues we book have a bar section for 21+ ONLY fans who want to have a beer, while the all ages or under age section is separate per state liquor laws.

Cover Bands

We are always open to booking Cover Bands or bands that play cover songs. The crowd always enjoys a good cover. However, we do NOT currently hire one Cover Band for an entire night to entertain the patrons or drinkers that will already be at the bar or restaurant that night. We book live concerts in music venues where the crowd coming out is the crowd that is there to specifically see the bands performing that night. If you are a Cover Band that only wants to be hired to entertain a room full of people, our shows are not for you. If, on the other hand, your Cover Band wants to further develop your fan base and play alongside other local acts so that you can play in front of their fans and help gain new exposure – our shows will probably fit your needs.


We do not book any festivals or weddings at this time. That is not the type of shows we are currently pursuing. If you are solely interested in playing only weddings or playing only festivals then our shows are not for you.