Email Policy

Afton prefers that its Booking Directors communicate via email, rather than telephone, whenever it is practical to do so–that is, except in the case of a “night-of-the-show” emergency. The primary reason for this is to maintain maximum convenience for everyone involved. Many of Afton’s Booking Directors work outside of the traditional, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm workweek. Experience has proven that virtually all bands do the same–addressing band-related matters during unpredictable hours, every day of the week.

While “phone tag” often proves quite annoying, email communication allows each end of the conversation to happen when it is most convenient and also facilitates greater detail and clarity within dialogue. In addition, the extensive paper trail that email creates has proven to be an excellent management tool for Afton, in its ongoing effort to maximize the effectiveness of the Afton Booking Team.

The Booking Team is trained to habitually check and respond to email with frequent regularity, so response time has proven to be a non-issue. Thanks so much for your cooperation!