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How to Book More Gigs.

Nobody Responds to Your Booking Requests?! I’ve been there, we all have. You spend 20 minutes crafting an email to your favorite venue’s booking person. You’ve explained in detail what your music sounds like, who you’ve shared the stage with, the tours you’ve opened for, what press you’ve gotten, and you’ve explained how many years [...]

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What Temperature Are Your Fans?

What Do You Want From Your Fans? When it comes to attracting new fans to your live show, it is important to use strategies that are most effective and that will be the best use of your time. When you are trying to make a fan, what you are really doing is trying to get [...]

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Merch Table Tactics That Work

Image via Flickr / CC license In our last blog, we gave you some suggestions on the fundamental items of your merch table. Now what? Achieving Maximum Exposure Let’s go a bit deeper into putting together and managing your merch table at your shows. These are some solid tactics that will help you sell or [...]

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Stocking Your Merch Table

Image via Flickr Getting Your Name Out There One of the most important tools in an artist’s toolkit is Merch (or “merchandise” if you’re classy). For a local act, it’s a no-brainer. As any nationally-touring act will tell you, if you don’t have any merch, you need to get some now! Most bands make the [...]

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Is Afton “Pay to Play”?

Is Afton Pay to Play? The Ugliest Words in the Business Three of the ugliest words in the music industry are “PAY TO PLAY”. For a new musician or artist, or even seasoned veterans, finding out a potential show falls under the umbrella of a “pay to play” gig causes concern. What is “Pay to [...]