Order of Performers Policy

Order will be based on artist preference and to be MOST FAIR, will heavily factor in which artists have sold the most tickets 7 days prior to the event.

  • Once an artist is confirmed for a show they are sent everything to ACTIVATE their online tickets. During this process they will choose their preference for time slots and put them in order (most desirable to least), so that we know what times each act prefers to go on stage.
  • If a slot is given at the 7 day mark, only tickets sold prior to the 7 day mark will be weighted into which time slot an artist is given, so selling tickets in advance helps ensure an artist gets their preferred time slot.
  • Also if an artist is getting advance sales, we can nail down more and more the exact time they will hit the stage. Above all, we aim to be fair and make sure the higher drawing acts are getting the time slots they want.

+ Usually it’s easy to get a time slot your happy with – unless you draw very poorly.
+ It’s just not fair for an act that draws poorly to end up with a prime time slot.
+ IF you have sold 0, or very few tickets, we cannot set your time slot ahead of time.

Why Does Afton Do This?

We ALWAYS do our best to accommodate artists we work with, so always communicate to us what you need, because we are usually able to artists on earlier or later in the show depending on their specific needs.

The reason we decide “Band Order” this way is so that the artists who are bringing out the most fans will be able to get more of a say in what time they play.

Some artists would like the Band Order to be predetermined, but those same artists quickly change their tune IF they are given a predetermined timeslot that they don’t want! The point of deciding Band Order in this way is to be most fair to the acts that work the hardest to get their fans out. It also helps get everyone’s fans to the show on time (or earlier than they otherwise would have), and helps avoid an act’s fans showing up late only to see the act they came to see and missing the openers!

Think About This…

How would you feel if you had sold 70 tickets to your fans for the show, and the other acts on the bill each only sold 15 tickets for the show – then upon arrival at the venue, you’re told that you HAVE to play your least favorite time slot… Would that seem fair? Doesn’t it seem that since you sold more tickets then any of the other acts on the bill, you should get first pick at when exactly you want to play?

Along the same line, what if you had pre-sold 70 tickets and the other acts each sold less than 15 tickets, but they each claimed “100+ people” were going to pay at the door to see them, on the night of the show? If Band Order was determined solely on what the artists thought their door draw would be, we’d have a situation where you pre-sold 70 tickets but DID NOT get a choice in your time slot – simply because the other acts all supposedly had “100 people” or more coming to see them play.

It does not make sense to base Band Order on what the artists “think” their door draw is going to be, and it does not make sense to determine “Band Order” on anything other than who is bringing out the most fans. This is why Afton has chosen to avoid unnecessary politics or favoritism and instead utilizes the method that is as fair and objective as possible.